Warm 2-Way Muffler Collection

Two Different Attractives in One Muffler

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19FW Women 'Walking in the Forest'

Invitation to the mysterious forest in fairytale

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Collaboration with ROM 'Walking in the Forest'

Beautifully Uncommon Socks for Ladies

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Collaboration with Masaru Suzuki

Socks with Warm Energy from Nature

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19FW Main Theme 'Autumn Cottage'

Bring Me Back to an Old Cozy Cottage

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Autumn Cottage STANDARD 'Table Check'

Socks from Vinatage Check Table Cloth

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19FW New Dot Pattern

Twisted Dot Socks with Fun Pattern

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dxyz X socks appeal 'annawamori'

Wacky Collaboration with dxyz

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BEST Pattern for MEN

Witty Pattern Socks Only for Men

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BEST Pattern for WOMEN

Lovely Pattern Socks Only for Women

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19FW New 'Long Band' Series

Colors for Autumn

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Emoji Series 'Sunny Side X Dark Side'

Find Your Favorite Emoji !!

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New Standard 'Pebble Dot'

Big Dot from Nature

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19 FW Color Lines

Colors for Your Ordinary Days

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Suggesting New Standard for Men's Socks

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Lovely Love Dog Gift Package

Best Small Gift for Special Someone

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HFM X socks appeal 'Glittering Leopard'

Be Glittering Wilds!

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New Arrivlas New Arrivlas

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